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831 Black Rock Turnpike
Fairfield, CT 06825



"I thought I would save so much money by doing it all on my own – I didn’t realize how much time and money I would actually save until I hired E-Prop to do my bookkeeping. Now I use them for all my property management."

- Jim F., Weston, CT


“I enjoy being able to select tenants and hire contractors, but I don’t enjoy doing all the paperwork for my rental properties. E-prop saves me time and money by doing it for me.”

- Howard J., Stratford, CT


“I don’t waste my time researching how to be a landlord anymore, I just come to the E-Prop website and it’s all here. What a time saver!”

- John M., Rye, NY


“I got tired of realtors taking their cut of rents and decided to try it on my own. The E-Property Management website gave me all the tools I needed to select and secure good quality tenants and protect myself legally in the process.”

- Sharon W., Westchester, NY


“Being the owner of three small retail spaces, I knew what I wanted in a Property Manager, but no one has given me service like EPM – and their accounting and records are outstanding! They listen to what I have to say and they have the professional experience and expertise to help me make it happen.”

- Thomas D., Fairfield, CT