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Accounting Services

Commercial and residential property accounting is an enhanced level of bookkeeping. In addition to basic bookkeeping services, EPM provides financial administration incorporating oversight and interaction with tenants and vendors, monitoring receipts and disbursements, and additional reporting.

Increased administration also means that pertinent documents such as lease agreements, vendor contracts, and vendor invoices (including utilities) come directly to our offices for review and processing while tenant invoicing and collections are generated directly from our office. EPM stores all documents securely and electronically. EPM will notify the property owner regarding any matter requiring the owner’s attention and will consult with the owner regarding appropriate actions.

Our Accounting services will better prepare property owners for tax reporting and audits by providing comprehensive figures, reports, and record keeping.

Like our bookkeeping package, EPM will provide you with all the below accounting services and you will not be hindered by any of the paperwork. Our paperless accounting system and electronic information storage allows you to view all the details at your convenience through our secure, on-line system. Your records and accounts will be handled professionally, timely, securely, and worry-free.

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    • Accounts Payable Administration

      • Processing/Entering vendor invoices
        Processing Checks
        Invoice Payment & Disbursement
        Vendor Reconciliations
        Track A.P. Aging
    • Accounts Receivable Administration:
        Create Tenant Invoices
        Process Rent Receipts
        Process Additional Receipts
        Administrate Tenant Rent Billings
        Administrate Tenant Services Billings
        Administrate Utility Billings
        Administrate Miscellaneous Billings
    • Rent Collection Administration (dunning)
    • Security Deposit Administration
    • Sales Tax Return Preparation and Processing
    • Processing Initial Property Tax Reporting
    • Document Storage & Retention
    • Advisory
    • Reporting